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Ever want to start your own business but you're too bombarded with the food carts, online shops, or networking stuff?

Solution? Choose an industry where there are lots of fishes in the sea so you will not have to worry about getting clients because the clients themselves will be the ones needing you for their wanderlusts. 

Over the decades, tourism has experiencing a continuous growth and deepening diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Now, almost every people you know, travels. It may be a family, or group of friends, couples, or even broken-hearted ones, are traveling. People of today consider travel as a necessity. 

One day, there is this young entrepreneur who doesn’t have money to pursue her travel wanderlusts. But her big dreams made her way to travel the world for free by doing businesses in the neighbouring countries. During her journey, her understanding of travel gets deeper and deeper. Until when she attended a curriculum at HIVE- Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts USA, she figured out her life purpose. She brought home a lot of knowledge and ideas and she built a team who will reinvent traditional travel agencies that currently exist. They made a travel system and program which is low cost but gives more experience with locals, culture and tradition and that will help them connect deeply in theirselves and reach their maximum human travel potential. 

"She is a travel entrepreneur seeking to teach other entrepreneurs the ropes on traveling the world at low cost" -Marquis Harmon, Global Humanitarian and Social Entrepreneur

The prototype  DLC Backpackers, is running and tested for a year now and is successfully progressing. The women behind was even featured at The Huffington Post- one of the Top 100 most viewed website in the world; and their travel innovation has been cited as the “Latest Modern Travel Trend”(See article here). Many people were asking for a partnership with them and now they are giving it to you! 

What we offer?

You can now start your own travel agency and be one of the first Filipinos who will cater The Latest Modern Travel Trend! And behold, by franchising this system, you’ll become part of the history of this global travel innovation!

What will you get?

The standard capital rate to franchise the system is 7,200php. But! We give 50% OFF for the first batch! Now, for only 3,600php capital, you will be able to  start your own business and get the following:

*Book before February 15,2017 and you will only pay an early bird rate of 3,100php

*Bring a buddy and get 20% OFF  for each, so that's only 2,880php/each. 

Register for only 500php. Click The Button Below!

During the orientation, we will teach you how the new system works, and we will provide all the necessary tools, information and documents so you could start  your business right away when you get home. 

Another important agenda that we will be discussing is the  privilege to be part of the project entitled "THE WORLD TOUR" (More info here), a travel expedition where you could volunteer as a Travel Lead Coordinator and join each of the travel trips  every month, for FREE! Yes! You could literally travel the world if you will franchise the system and be one of the first few owners of this  travel innovation!! Sounds too good to be true but it's only YOU who could find out and know if it's real, once you attend the orientation.  

To complete the program, we will also be teaching the very effective marketing strategy that we use to get limitless number of clients. And as well as the basics on how to  register your business. 

We only need 30 people for this project innovation as of the moment. So be sure to reserve your slot earlier before it sold out! Snacks, gift certificates from partners (Shabby Chic Style Studio and Troika Resto Art Gallery) and freebies from Terrestrimin Detox and OneSource are also included. 

BONUS!! Go back home with a successful-entrepreneur mindset as our guest speaker, Coach Lee gives you wisdoms on how to have a positive attitude to become successful in this business. 

Course Outline:

I- Introduction: Why traveling is important and why does the innovation of travel agencies are considered as business of the future. 
II- Background: How does the founder started this journey and how she traveled without a money. You could do that too!
III- About the System: What is this Travel Innovation all about?
IV- The System Process: How does it work and how to use the Virtual Office and The Rate Calculator
V- Project- The World Tour:  What is the project about and how  is it possible to travel for free through this project. 
VI- Marketing Strategies: The DLC Fishing Technique 
VII- Become a legit business: Business Registration Basics
VIII- Short Talk: Positive mindset to a successful business by Coach Lee

Who should grab this opportunity?
Travel Agency Owners who wants to be involved in this innovation and add a new travel product to their list of packages.
 ✔Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Social Media Influencers who wants to have an additional source of passive income.
 ✔Employees and Professionals who wants to start up their own business. 
 ✔Fresh graduates or unemployed who are still hanging and wants to start earning real money.
 ✔Students who could give their spare time for this business. 
 ✔Anyone who has a passion for learning and acquiring new skills in Tourism and Business.
 ✔Anyone who are curious and wants to hear the story on how a woman traveled the world for free by starting up her own business without a capital.
 ✔Travelers who wants to travel the world by owning a travel agency. 


Register for only 500php. Click The Button Below!

Meet The Guest Speaker:

Coach Lee
Coach Lee is a psychology degree holder from De La Salle University, an entrepreneur and a certified life coach. His passion in life is to uplift people’s morale, guide them to enlightenment and happiness. He is a full-time entrepreneur and full-time life coach too because he believes that coaching is a way of life. He has helped several entrepreneurs create their own successful businesses and he continues to work with them to improve and streamline their processes. Aside from the creation of the business, Coach Lee works his magic by guiding his clients to develop a positive and happy mindset that enables his clients to smash through all the challenges they face in life.

Meet The People Behind:

Trishie dela Cruz
She graduated with a certificate course in Advanced Pattern Making and Advanced Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines in 2009. In 2012, she started her own clothing line, Trishie Couture, followed by distributing her own beauty products. On March 2014, she became the youngest member of the Rotary Club International. On that same year, she opened up her own salon, Shabby Chic Salon and Nail Spa, in Malabon, Philippines. She was also presented with a certificate course in Basic Chinese at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines and will take up Corporate Business Chinese at the same university. At the same year, she founded her own company- DLC Enterprise (Dream, Lead, Create Enterprise) that envisions to change the future with the aid of the products, campaigns, events, and services that they offer in the market. She then took up an entrepreneurship online course in Maryland University, USA to give her business career, an educational background. However, she is still going to pursue her degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture in Mapua Institute of Technology this 2017. On April 2016, she attended Harvard University, Boston USA and finished a short curriculum- Global Leadership Training Program by Hive, an organization of 1000+ world leaders and CEOs in the world. She then founded DLC Backpackers (The Latest Modern Travel Trend)- the prototype of their travel innovation. 

At a very young age, she is already an ace of the youngest CEOs in the country. Despite of all the hardships in life that she had- a product of  broken family and bullying. She grew independently since  she reached 14yrs of age but still managed to finance her educations and become a self-made successful entrepreneur.  On Christmas days and on her birthdays, She holds feeding programs for street children on behalf of her charity program We Touch People. She  also writes at and at as her hobby. 

Todd Shaffer
Todd Shaffer is the brain box of the Virtual Office System that they are using in this Travel Innovation. Trishie met Todd during her journey in New York and Todd being already a successful entrepreneur, mentored Trishie on how to work out her thoughts and ideas and how to execute them and how to manage and delegate task to her teammates, properly. 

Trishie and Tod Shaffer belongs to one of the biggest Travel Organizations in the world which is  /react-text where they accept different travelers around the world in their homes, FOR FREE! What a good deed and privilege to learn about different people's culture! Not to mention that Todd is one of the masters on that since he already accepted around hundreds of travelers in his 3bedroom 2storey flat in New York! Todd is also a serial solo traveler on the other side of his corporate life.

Todd is one of the people behind the developments of Information Technology in the whole world! Besides being a successful entrepreneur and a Business Development Executive at Presidio- a leading American IT solutions provider, he also give talks to different corporate events such as Dell.  Todd Shaffer is also a professional photographer in New York and co-founded Brooklyn365, an online magazine that spreads rumors and covers events through out Brooklyn.

Todd's life story is not a walk in the park. He came from a broken home and started earning money at a young age by doing illegal business such as selling pot. But that doesn't make him a bad person. Instead, it made him grow and taught him enough to become one of the most successful and wisest person in Brooklyn! 

Jeyvie Odiame

Jeyvie Odiame is the brain box of the Rate Calculator. He helped Trishie automate calculations in order to minimize errors and efforts in creating quotations. He also helped DLC Backpackers establish its currently existing system. He is the CEO of DLC Backpackers who handles workforce and assures the health of the company.

He is a Civil Engineer by profession. He got his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering at the Mapua Institute of Technology in 2014. He is currently employed and is handling the business on the side. He is also a stock market investor.

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